Pipeline Corrosion Control

Information about Cathodic Protection Network

Pipelines carry the real cash of the world ... billions of dollars worth of oil, gas and water... and when corrosion causes a pipeline to leak it impacts national budgets and even multinational corporation budgets.
Real laws, that everybody must obey, are not made by governments or bankers but by nature itself and the study of these laws is known as natural philosophy or science.
When a pipeline leaks it has to be shut down until repaired or replaced... a flowline carries 500 to 1000bbl per day and a delivery line serves up to 16 Oilfields of 32 to 64 wells each having a flowline
Billions of dollars are spent every year in research into the laws of nature and trying to use these laws to increase the efficiency of producing real wealth. The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at Cern is just one example.

Corrosion control is electrochemistry and this is why we must know and use the laws of nature to control corrosion to networks of pipelines. Electrochemistry is now being studied intensely in order to develop batteries that can store electrical energy. It has been recognised that there is big money to be made out of batteries.
By using automated computerised technology to identify the exact position of anyone trying to steal oil or sabotage a pipeline real time as it is happening, drone helicopters and even troops can be deployed immediately before the attackers even know they are sussed.
These crooks depriving honest people of the benefits of the oil and damaging the environment.

We in CPN can control corrosion because we understand all the activities necessary to control the electrical equilibrium between each location where the steel of the pipeline is in contact with the electrolyte (ground).
However, there are vested interests in pipelines being allowed to corrode, for example those who manufacture pipes that are used to replace and repair pipelines and those who clean up the mess, including the activists who make money by claims for damages. Add to these, the thieves who are actually hot tapping pipelines and 'bunkering the oil in small tankers along the coast.
If you would like to join in with our efforts read the whole of my website and also follow the information on line about banking and the collapse of the global finance system. We are forming a structure similar to 'workplace democracy' and 'workers ownership' that, using blockchain technology and hashgraph polling will be an entirely new system of management.
My email is :- roger@.pipeline-corrosion-control.com

Please read though the following link that describes how we must organise nationally and internationally to form a cohesive network of specialists from technicians through to top professors and software developers.

We do not intend members of the network to have to borrow money in order to get paid work performing their skills and applying their understanding.
We now have over 4,000 followers world wide and most of them need personal cash flow.

If you want to join in you must prepare your own personal business plan and budget in which you must tell us all how much you will charge foryourservices for a year and what expenses you will incur.
All the budgets for Nigeria will be colated by the Financial Controller for CPN Nigeria who will arrange a master budget for the owners of the networks of pipelines and the government to consider and approve a budget for Cathodic Protection Network Nigeria to control all corrosion for one year that will include ongoing budget proposals for the following three years in the normal manner of multinational corporations.
No work will commence until mobilisation funds are received by all of the active network.
This arrangement is necessary because corrosion cannot be controlled piecemeal as explained in the seminar and master classes.
The seminar includes scientific proof and demonstrations that can be scrutinised by leading experts, university professors and corrosion control specialist companies and organisations.